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How Can You Have a Unity and Diversity Conference W/ No Diversity!!!!

I am not a confrontational person. That is not what Ashtanga Yoga Project is about but dude….I almost fell off my chair this morning when I clicked on a link for an Ashtanga Yoga and Diversity Conference in Bali that had all white faces. Are you kidding me? We all know Ashtanga Yoga originated in India. Not even any Indian faces!!!! Like seriously, are you kidding me? It is 2019. Why are we still doing this!!!!!

Yes, I cannot tell someone’s ethnicity just by their picture but if everyone on the presenter list can pass for White, you didn’t reach far enough!!!! These people are not my global leaders. Stop it. OMG. How can you talk about Ashtanga on a global scale without any POC. Are you serious!!!!

People get upset because the Jois family is passing Ashtanga through their blood line. Dude, maybe this is why. Because maybe if they don’t, this is the type of thing that is going to happen in Ashtanga. Like, my eyes teared up this morning. Like my heart dropped down to the floor. It is Black History Month and I am lit. Like my God. Just no. No. NO. NOOOOO. I will not be quiet. I will not stay in my place. I will not stand for this foolishness in 2019. If you truly believe in the diversity of Ashtanga, please pass this post along or write your own.

Shanna Small has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga and studying the Yoga Sutras since 2001. She has studied in Mysore with Sharath Jois and is the Director of AYS Charlotte, a school for traditional Ashtanga in Charlotte NC. She has written for Yoga International and the Ashtanga Dispatch. Go here for more information on AYS Charlotte. For information on workshops, please e-mail