Your yoga practice and your life do not have to be separate. Both your life and your yoga practice are sacred and you needn’t compromise one for the other. Your yoga practices should be nourishing and revitalizing, not tiring and depleting. Sacred Vitality Yoga combines accessible asana with sacred scriptures and practices that fit in beautifully with your life.

The asana practices are designed to be challenging without being depleting. Shanna offers many different variations of poses, lengths and styles of yoga so you can choose what you need that day.

Shanna breaks down the yoga teachings so that they are relevant to your life.

Not only are Shanna’s classes accessible, her pricing is as well.  Access to sacred Vitality Studio is $19.99 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

New classes are uploaded each week.


Class Types

Sacred Rest:

This class is designed to restore the body and mind and release the stress of day to day life.

Shanna provides multiple options for each pose so there is something for everyone.

The meditation is weaved throughout the class and then a longer meditation is done at the end.

Yoga Sutras:

Learn how to apply the wisdom of yoga to your life.  Shanna breaks down the Yoga Sutras and other yogic texts in a way that is through without being overly complicated, watered down or appropriative.


Sacred Vitality Accessible Yoga

Sacred Vitality is Shanna’s signature vinyasa classes that are challenging and accessible. Shanna offers many options for many different bodies. She breaks down new techniques every week.


Members get discounts on workshops and events

Chair Yoga

Fun chair yoga classes with options and creative sequencing.

Sacred Vitality Studio