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Is Sharath getting up at 12:45AM?

New Sharath Conference Notes from Ekam Inhale amy


Sharath asked “what makes me get up at 12:45 am (to practice)? It’s lots of work, I have a wife, family and 400 students to take care of – without bhakti – devotion to the practice – it is not possible”.

He said  “try to do what I do for one week (laughing) then we’ll see. I’m not saying I’m superman – bhakti, devotion keeps me going”. He would do this practice no matter what. If he went to the forest he would still do it. He’s been having back pain for 2 months but he still gets up and does his practice then teaches for 6 hours. He said he has to. Personally I find Sharath’s dedication and hard work to teaching yoga and doing his sadhana very inspirational. Its been my experience as well in that after many years of practice there is force that grows in you that gives you the energy to practice no matter what life throws at you. It only comes though if you put in the time day after day. Year after year.

Sharath finished with saying he was going to spend time with his family and also how there was new version of his book Ashtanga Yoga with corrections from the first. I’ll see if i can pick one up today and post some pics on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll also let readers know where they can get it if possible.

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