Treat Me Like Your Headliner

I have a message for you. Love, promise yourself that in 2021, you won’t let people treat you as their second string, fall back, c list celebrity. Don’t treat people like a forethought when they treat you like an afterthought. If they are not giddy with excitement when they talk about you, don’t deal with them! Your name on their lips should be like a child talking about Christmas; wonderous, joyful and full of anticipation.

Don’t let them treat you like an old discarded thing shoved into an attic or the back of a cabinet. Are they hiding you, Love? You should be on display like the diamond on the hand of a thrilled fiancé.

You deserve better. You are a shining star. An important, glorious part of this creation. We are all here for a reason and their reason is not more important than yours.

They are not better than you! They had more time, more privilege, and more support. Surround yourself with people who will use their time, privilege and support to help you just like others helped them.

You are important enough for a call back, a text back, and an e-mail reply…in a timely manner. Love, don’t let these people gaslight you! We are all busy and their busy-ness does not trump yours. Their busy-ness does not deserve more grace than your busy-ness.

Stop sharing what you have with people who won’t share what they have with you. Instagram followers, money, business contacts, Honey, it doesn’t matter!! I beg you not to accept any one-sided relationships of any kind! It is not selfishness! Honey, they are draining you! They are adding to themselves and subtracting from you. If you come up empty, who “gone” help you? Not them.

You are one of the 7 billion headliners roaming this earth. We all have a contract with the universe. You are a star! Add your rider, Love!!! What do you want? Chocolate, orgasms, more love? Ask for it! Don’t you walk out on that stage without them agreeing to put it in your dressing room!

Teach these people how to treat you. Don’t reduce yourself to fit into their world. Stand tall and make them rise up to you!

Shanna Small has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga and studying the Yoga Sutras since 2001. She has studied in Mysore with Sharath Jois and is the Director of AYS Charlotte, a school for traditional Ashtanga in Charlotte NC. She has written for Yoga International and the Ashtanga Dispatch. Go here for more information on AYS Charlotte. For information on workshops, please e-mail shanna@shannasmallyoga.com.